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introduction by a headmistrees

Together with my husband Mgr. Zdeněk Matula (a secondary school teacher by profession) we decided to work out a project on the secondary private special school with a new study curriculum. It seemed to be a good idea to fill the gape after launch of market economy in the Czech Republic. I had my own idea of the school atmosphere where welfare should prevail together with mutual relationships based on student´s personality, humanity, partnership, willigness to help each other... but at the same time to keep a high standard of study demands, especially putting emphasize on ability to apply knowledge in model practical situations, to be able to react to market demands.

Our study specialization concept has always differed from other secondary schools (mostly state institutions) in double profession specialization resulting in double amount of knowledge which helps our high-school graduates find the wide range of professions on labour market. Numerous of our graduates continue studying at universities (economics, languages, law, technical faculty, engineering…). Applications for admission to universities are successful in 90%.

Business Entrepreneur and Manager is the name of our 1st specialization. Its content is study of business (our well-established subject) comprising business activities in Euroregion, number of economic and manager subjects as well as services in tourism and hospitality. Students run practical companies (a students´ club, shop, travel agency) under their teachers supervision. They learn to put their knowledge into practice during their study. Practical activities in students´ companies are a part of schooling. At the end of study students pass a graduation exam in Czech language and literature, foreign language ( English or German), enterprise and accounting. During practical exams students solve an exercise from accounting and defend vindicate business plan which they compiled individually within a school year.

The second study specialization is called Building Industry Entrepreneur and Manager. Its content is study of enterprise comprising business activities in Euroregion, number of economic and manager subjects as well as civil engineering, design and building calculation. At the end of study students pass a graduation exam in Czech language and literature, foreign language (English or German), enterprise and civil engineering. During practical exams students defend their business plan and present their own design for a detached house including the proper documentation. Both tasks are compiled individually within a school year.

The Ministry of Education has integrated our school specializations into the Czech school network since September 1992. We are classified as an economic school with certified study specialization.

I know our study curriculum is not easy but combination of demandingness and partnership has brought results. We gained respect in our region and our school is considered to be of high-quality. Our students have been recognized in a number of secondary school competitions related to economic science, tourism, languages and social science at the level of regional, national and international standard. Concerning sports competitions our students obtain a cup for leading placing almost every year. We can be proud of the recognition awarded by the President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus for 2nd place in the country secondary school competition in websites designing of students firms. I also appreciate successful participation in the international secondary school competition in advertisement making (1st place) and gaining 2nd place in economic knowledge tests – both in the Junior Achievement project framework.

What should be added in conclusion?
We are a school with an intimate atmosphere with 200 students in 7 classrooms. An active students life along with friendly and unworried environment rule the educational process. Our graduates like to come back to their teachers.